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meta.ride is the urban sports management division of the Washaw Group. meta.ride was defined with the goal of helping urban sports in their development and evolution. Because of our origins, we are very active in freeski, however we do hope to be able to extend our activities to skateboarding, rollerblading, wakeboarding and many more sports of the same type.

Our services can be separated in two different activities: on the one hand, we offer our support to athletes, especially in their search of sponsors. On the other hand, we help known brands in the industry find new talent and to promote the athletes in their teams.

Many athletes start considering using their talent and passion to their own advantage and the advantage of diverse brands, once they have reached a certain level. There starts the difficult process of searching for sponsors. meta.ride helps those who show real potential in this process. Be it the creation of a press book or support when choosing the brand to ask for sponsorship, and then contacting the chosen brand, meta.ride has all the faculties necessary to find the ideal sponsor.

Imagine if you will that sponsorship is a recipe. meta.ride can also be viewed as the Tabasco sauce that you add to the dish once it has been cooked. We contact brands on our own initiative in order to help them optimize their relations with the athletes they sponsor. We work as consultants by helping brands to select the best athlete for any given situation. An athlete might be very qualified for one type of event and another might perform much better in a video or a photo shoot. Furthermore, we support brands trying to break the national barriers, helping them to place their athletes in specifically selected competitions, in order to maximize the potential of the given athlete as well as the company’s resulting benefit.

meta.ride benefits from the active use of synergies with the rest of the Washaw Group. So it may well be that an athlete supported by meta.ride is offered a segment on a video from Washaw Productions or that a photograph from Echosphere ends up published, promoting the athlete as well as his sponsors. For more information about the rest of our activities, please refer to the Washaw Group homepage.

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